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Adjust Your Focus 

From The New Lens On Life Executive Coach

You can start with a better way to look at life, here are five simple ideas that may help you toward a more fulfilling year:

  1.  Start a gratitude journal. Each day write down what you were grateful for at work and why. Focus on the positive.
  2.  Start a success journal. Write down problems you have solved at work. Look for strengths in your story. Those stories can help get you promoted or find a new job!
  3. Pick 20 people you want to stay in touch with. Make sure you reach out to them at least once a month for an entire year and see how being intentional in your communication makes a difference! 
  4. Try to single task at home at night, relax and breathe. Be really present for at least an hour with those you live with. Even turn off the IPhone!
  5. Pick 5 people at work to get to know better. Look up, down and at your peers.

More Free Focus Thoughts

From The New Lens On Life Coach 

Ask yourself some hard questions:

- If you had the best year of your life, what would it look like?

- At your age - are you are where you want to be or thought you would be?

- Do you want more? Do you need more?

- Are you playing safe or small?

- As Sheryl Sandberg says - Are you raising your hand? Are you asking for what you need?

- Do you know your personal brand? Are you communicating your strenths?

- Do you have a game plan? What are your stretch goals?


If you cannot answer every single question -- you need to call Pam!




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